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Post  Christos Archos Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:17 pm

Αθρογραφία που παρουσιάζεται στο
Christos Archos
Christos Archos

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Post  Christos Archos Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:57 pm

People work with each other according to 6 types of relationships. Those 6 types mirror or the 6 pairs form the dualities we have in astrology.

Each duality has a reason for meaning and has specific functions and needs. By understanding the needs of each duality we can be better in our own relationships.

Every duality holds specific lessons which we have to accomplish and become skilled at; these lessons appear in our life through crises which demand from us to be evolved.

Do not forget that everything in astrology happens for the sake of evolution and perfection of human soul and existence.

The 6 Dualities

As we stated before, there are 6 dualities that work and bring us 6 different kinds of relationship that people create.

Those dualities are:
Aries – Libra
Taurus – Scorpio
Gemini – Sagittarius
Cancer – Capricorn
Leo – Aquarius
Virgo – Pisces

We can understand in which of the 6 dualities our relationship works by creating a composite chart. We call opposite chart in astrology the midpoints of the planets and axes between two natal charts. For example if someone has his Ascendant in 1 Degree of Taurus and his Relationship has her Ascendant in 15 Degrees of Leo means that the Midpoint of the Ascendants is 23degrees of Gemini. So the relationship works on the duality of Gemini – Sagittarius. If you want to learn your composite relationship Ascendant and you don’t know how to calculate the degrees you can contact me with me through OM Times Magazine forum, in the group: Astrology of Relationships and Personal Development.

Now we are ready to learn the basic principles of each duality:

Aries – Libra Duality

The Aries – Libra duality is one of the most passionate and strongest we can find. Both signs are ruled by sexual planets (Venus and Mars) and they are very sensual. This duality usually exists in relationships that have as the most important factors passion and intimacy. Although love is something important there are also some important imbalances that they may create severe problems in a couple’s life. The “I” and “You” are usually in conflict and someone takes more than he gives and the other usually remains unsatisfied. This dissatisfaction may lead to power struggles between the couple and severe conflicts. The person with the strong ego has usually to lower his demands and the person who is more passive needs to learn to ask and demand more for himself. This is not something that happens in a day and it may need a cognitive – behavioral therapist.

Taurus – Scorpio Duality

Sensuality and extreme passions are the greatest characteristics of this duality. The couple usually has common needs and it wants to feel well not only emotionally but also financially. There is great stability in this relationship and they can sustain their union even when luck is not with them and they do not get the support from the others. It is also a duality that makes couples to last the test of time and live together for the rest of their life. The problem in this couple is sometimes the rigidness and the importance it gives to materials such as money. They may feel very insecure and unhappy during periods their financial situation is not going well. There is also sometimes a problem with “emotional suffocation”, the couple has a deep insecurity and the partners may feel not well giving each other the proper freedom, something that becomes tiresome later on.

Gemini – Sagittarius Duality

This duality brings joy and fascination to the couple. It usually creates a relationship with many interests and with the need to explore and discover many things within their relationship. This duality is very joyful and the relationship is often verbal and needs to share its happiness with the environment. The problem is usually the development of the emotion because sometimes people are more friends than a romantic couple. Also the problem with this relationship is that it is difficult to last as the couple usually feels not very connected. On the other hand this type of duality is positive when the people want to have a relationship which will have as a result their development of their personality. The problem is that sometimes a person in the couple is not highly motivated for the relationship and feels he/she just has a good time with someone. Infidelity is finally another major problem.

Cancer – Capricorn Duality

This duality is full of emotions but also disturbances. It is the duality of the usual phenomenon which one is usually more in love from the other. On the other hand it gives a mother – child or father – child balance in the relationship that it is useful for people that have age difference. Emotionally it may be a very fruitful relationship but usually has lots of obstacles as a result of fate. Sometimes the couple is isolated from the others and inhibited something that may create important problems especially when the relationship needs people to breathe and be developed because it is an organism that has to live and communicate in a specific environment.

These kinds of relationships are very deep and important for the people which compose them, when they understand that their whole dynamic perspective of their relationship… Love changes them utterly.

Leo – Aquarius Duality

A Leo – Aquarius duality brings relationships which have many ups and downs. Ego defenses and tribulations within the couple is a common phenomenon. Although they are couples with many conflicts these couples relationship lasts in time and are secure. The stability of the relationship is not based just in emotions but also on concrete knowledge of what they are. Sometimes there are instabilities in the way the emotions are expressed because one person is usually more serious or detached from the other. Also the other is usually more egocentric and has lots of unfinished business to solve. But when they come together they flourish and feel that they can fight all the problems together. They usually succeed in accomplishing their dreams but they sometimes need lots of patience and struggle with their own beliefs.

Virgo – Pisces Duality

This duality is the most difficult but also the most important when has to do with relations. Here one must learn the important lesson of devotion and even sometimes of sacrifice. Here the couple changes and becomes something entirely new. Most of the times there is a strong bond, even psychic that connects those two souls, it’s a bond which makes people feel so close. The problem is that people are not usually ready to behave with the right way in this relationship, for this reason the possibilities for the couple to split are very high.

Sometimes people lose their own inner balance and they lose control of themselves, as a result they don’t usually feel well in the first months. But if they feel really connected and they don’t get afraid of their closeness then they both are transformed to something entirely new. This duality is the most difficult because it demands from the individual to forget his/her individuality, something that in western society is perceived as a threat. Sometimes with this duality a sacrifice it is needed from one person to the other.

In the second part of the article we will deepen the analysis of the six dualities.

Copyright Christos Archos
Christos Archos
Christos Archos

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Post  Christos Archos Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:58 pm

0 Ways to Heal your Relationship through the Planets

By Christos Archos

The mindset of our Civilization, plus the confrontations of our environment are our biggest challenges when it comes to deal with our own relationships. That is why one of the most important problems nowadays is the creation of a stable and a secure relationship that fulfills the individuals completely.

Astrology has its own solutions and through 10 useful steps we can make important changes in our life. Do not forget that the important part in a plan is to take action, so the sooner you begin the faster you finish.

1. The Sun Lesson: Stand on your own feet.
The sun is the planet of the Ego, which wants to teach us that although we are in a relationship we must not use it as a handicap. Relationship is something we need to have a strong will and ego energy to protect it. Although relationship is about sharing and giving to the each other, an ill ego which is not satisfied will act destructively to the relationship and to everybody it touches.

A Healthy ego is not alone and is not in distance with the others, it stands on its own feet and it’s sure about the importance of its relationship. It gives the person the ability to be more able to forgive but also to evolve without fearing to lose bad habits and behaviors that kill any partnership. A strong person that stands on his own feet is like a strong tree that is able to handle any hurricane.

2. The Mercurial Lesson: Look at your own thoughts.
People usually do not control even their own thoughts about several things. We just learn some habits and we continually repeat some thoughts we have about the others and our selves. For example a girl that thinks she is ugly will affect her life in many ways. Those thoughts kill the stability of every person and of the relationship. We must learn to control our own thoughts in some ways and to understand that sometimes we are not logic and we are doing cognitive mistakes on perceiving the world around us. A depressive person will understand the world in a depressive way, but steadily and slowly by controlling his own mind he will have as a result to achieve a more realistic interpretation about his own life and his environment.

3. The Venus Lesson: Giving.
Many people are afraid of giving something to the others. That may happen in many ways: a bad family environment, a previous relationship that hurt, or even psychological complexes that led to craving. A serious and stable relationship has as a mayor necessity to give. It’s not only material things that are important but also spiritual and emotional. We need to give love to the other person, we need to share spirit and thoughts and of course sometimes it is necessary except our bodies to share some other material goods.

Giving to the others is one mayor step we need to receive from the other. People sometimes give so much of themselves and as a result they conclude empty and destroyed. This is not a Venus Lesson, Venus gives so that everybody will be pleased, Venus gives for the goodness of the relationship not for the goodness of the individual itself, you must learn to differentiate those two situations.

4. The Mars Lesson: Be passionate.
A Relationship needs to have some passion even when the years have passed, having fun during sex with your partner it’s not something that 1st year relationship has. Relationships that last have the passion and the energy to do lots of things. They make sex but also they do a lot of interesting things such as travelling and learning new exciting things. Being passionate with our partner is of great importance because a relationship is a power source for a lot of aspects in our life. A passionate relationship keeps us young, strong and healthy. The Mars lesson has as a purpose to change our own life in fact. Modern way of living wants us in front of a TV, eating and getting bored. We forget to live, to feel, to even touch our partner. Mars is the source of life and by enriching with life force our relationship becomes one of the best ways to protect it from various threats.

5.The Jovial Lesson: Look at the big picture.
Don’t look only at the bad habits and things your partner has and makes you nervous. I am sure your other half has also some very interesting and positive traits that keep you near him/her. By looking at the small things that make us nervous we lose the reality of our relationship and most of our true partner’s identity. Also by looking at the positive traits of our partner this will make him to enrich those traits and he will want to become even better. Negative criticism is not always the solution to everything, sometimes by making the other to feel great and giving the idea to him that we trust and love him for his own abilities will make him become soft and it will help him to stop things (some of them) that makes us feel nervous and don’t like them.

6. The Saturnine Lesson: Learn to hear and work hard.
It is very important to hear our partner when he gives us important information about his own situation. Most of the times we don’t hear what he wants us to tell but we hear we want to, in fact we perceive instantly a very subjective interpretation of the information our partner gives us. So the most important thing is before we answer to our partner to ask him for give us some time to think clearly on what he demands and later we will have the answer we really want to give and most important the answer to what he really mentioned. A relationship is not also an easy thing you have to work every day with the feeling that tomorrow you may break up. With this in your mind every day, like a good worker, you will be able to handle your relationship truly…

7. The Uranian Lesson: Give some space to each other.
A relationship needs its freedom that means that we have to try as individuals to work on different projects and things during a day and not just suffocating our partner. By doing different things with friends and other people this will help the relationship not to be tired and irritating. It is natural when you talk too much and share too much to have too many conflicts. Give some air to the relationship and try as individuals to do different things that are respectful to your companion.

8. The Neptunian Lesson: Do not try very hard for love and safety.
Neptune is the planet of things that are evolved, especially on spiritual and emotional things. What Neptune wants us to do is to devote ourselves to life without thinking much about it. By having so much need to love and be safe we lose those important things because NEED becomes so much powerful that you lose yourself and the balance in your life. Let the fairytale to develop naturally and you will see that your life will advance naturally as nature does. Believe in love and safety, don’t just try for it and you will see the flow of life to help you find what you want.

9. The Plutonian Lesson: Destroy and build.
Sometimes some things we have in our relationship cannot work anymore, our relationship needs to change and we must not be afraid of these changes. Some parts of our common existence with our partner need to die and this death will bring something new and interesting. When we are afraid of changes in fact we fear our own life and that means that we are making mistakes with the “Sun” lesson. Sometimes our relationship may have some mayor crises but those crises are also important and we have to face them if we want really to change the problematic features of our relation. Pluto is not only to destroy but also to build. It is the planet which with your partner can help you create something unique and powerful. You may even create energy links with the other that will stand the test of time… but this is of another article theme.

10. The Lunar Lesson: Live it!
Emotions are the basis of living our relation; it is the basis of living our life. When we think of our life, we don’t live it, so by living our life and our relation we need not to think but to feel every minute we have with our precious companion. The Lunar lesson is of great importance because here you don’t try to have a good relationship, you live a good relationship and you are happy with the fruits of your efforts. Lunar lesson is not a lesson in reality it is a step towards real fulfillment; it does not need to do something but to smile, touch, kiss, look, hear, smell, taste and most of all love!

Copyright Christos Archos
Christos Archos
Christos Archos

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