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What Are the Twin Flames?

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What Are the Twin Flames? Empty What Are the Twin Flames?

Post  Christos Archos Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:10 am

The numbering is the sound of the numbers as they are called in Greek. Pythagoras believed that numbers had their own vibration and had a meaning helping people reach their balance when they used them.

Let’s continue our travels:

tria*) The Duality World in Decline

Heraclitus said duality is an illusion and people who believe in the duality of the world are ignorant. The ancient philosopher understood there is no duality and thatit is an invention of people who want to lose their connection with reality. All are one, but the ancient world didn’t understand the words of the famous philosopher. Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese and Indian civilizations couldn’t understand the world without the concept of duals.

Dualism through Christianity became even stronger, but then duality of things was understood as something bad when things get worse. Mind and body were different for people even a decade ago. For monotheistic religious beliefs part of life had no significance. The only thing that mattered was the spiritual world. Modern science responded to that by attempting a nihilistic point of view, denying everything spiritual and seeing only one dimension of human existence. We’ve lost the balance and are slaves of the dualistic conflict. This is one reason why our relationships suffer. There are two kinds of people: those who give too much and those who take too much. We have lost the inner meaning of our relationships. We have relationships not because of our inner needs but because we don’t want to be alone. We want sex, money and everything else, except intimacy.

We live on the edge of opposites and not between them. The triumph of the fourth ray of harmony through conflict leads people to continually fight with themselves and with others. Usually people never reach harmony because they are trapped in conflicts. Depression, loneliness, abandonment and sorrow are the major psychological problems of the new era.

In the darkness, new age philosophy emerged to give a solution and better understanding. What we have to understand is opposites are part of ourselves. We have to remember that everything is “One” and finally comprehend the wise words of the ancient philosopher Heraclitus.

tessera*) What Are The Twin Flames

According to theory, twin flames are two people existing in the world with a strong bond between them. When the environment is helpful, those flames compose the ultimate romantic relationship. When the soul enters the human kingdom it split itself into two parts. As we said before, the entrance for Earth is Cancer. Before entering Earth we have to split ourselves in the Gemini stage. By splitting ourselves and souls in two bodies, we learn the world through opposites and acquire more understanding of the Cosmos. Imagine it as a light, a single ray divided through a prism into several colors.

When we meet our other half instantly a very powerful attraction is created. Sometimes it may be our teacher, a parent, or even a friend. Many times this creates a powerful relationship which we call as love without frontiers. This love shapes and changes the connected beings forever. Through the relationship they become stronger and happier. They reach harmony and have stability in their lives. When we find our twin flame we find ourselves again. Many people in this world have the ability to reach their twin flame, but because they are bonded to conflict, they are blind and cannot see clearly. Others respect their souls’ instincts and find strong and beautiful relationships which they handle successfully over time.

Twin flames are one of the basic reasons we come to the Earth. By understanding our other half, we become better people and we help ourselves to become independent. Twin flames are sometimes misused with relationships that have a lot of pain and they are never completed. But this is not a true twin flame relationship. A twin flame relationship is a source of happiness and completeness. It brings unification and those relationships spark as if nothing can harm them.

A twin flame is love in a higher dimension when nothing can harm the absolute truth of happiness. Usually the persons that meet each other have such an immediate effect on one another they come and change the world of the other.

Christos Archos ( is a Psychologist and a professional astrologist. He is a CBT practitioner and a relationships counselor.

Christos Archos © 2010 for OM Times Magazine
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