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When ideals become Destructive

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When ideals become Destructive Empty When ideals become Destructive

Post  Christos Archos Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:40 am

People usually put a lot of idealism in their relationships. They expect from the others almost everything and they do not want the person they are with actually but another one, their ideal partner.

When we put all of our idealism in our relationship and lose contact with reality we start to feel depressed and unhappy.Our ideal love it will not going to be fulfilled ever and we have live on a relationship that will not make us feel complete ever.

Our partner slowly will feel disappointed for not being the one we want and slowly will stop to try to make us happy because he will feel that whatever he or she will try to do will not be according toour standards.

Sometimes putting the standards so high it may create severe problems because a relationship is not an infinite strive for perfection but something more deeply important and needs more attention and care.

Pisces usually try to live in a relationship that it’s not true but also people that have in their natal Charts a very strong Neptune. Neptune is an illusionary and dreamy planet, it is the force that makes us believe the person we are involved in, it is the Prince or the Princess of our dreams. Although this has its own advantages, when we are out of control it is a huge disadvantage because Neptune fuels our life with high expectations, so high that sometimes they are not easy to be made real, not even in the fairy tales.

When we try to live according to the extreme fairytales we feel deeply disappointed with ourselves and the others. There is danger for the person who lives according to his ideal world, as a defense mechanism, to withdraw from real life and not to try to have a real contact with others. As a result he will feel that no matter how hard he will try, he will never succeed living in his own standards.

The problem is that the standards are usually the reason of sorrow and pain; sometimes we need to be grounded and to control our imagination. Happiness is not only succeeded on fairytale stories;happiness has many faces and usually comes in a way we do not expect.

Another problematic planet in connection with Neptune is Uranus, which sets very high standards on a person’s life and although it has high standards it is good when the standards are extremely high(like waiting the one billion dollar, mucho guy) they are the reason of our failure in love matters.

Everything needs to be balanced, that is the reality even in our emotional life. People having Neptune and Uranus in their Natal Charts very powerful and those who were born on the sun signs of Pisces and Aquarius are usually the ones which have the biggest problems finding a relationship that fits them in reality.

There are moments that when we are in a relationship with a person that has very high ideals then we feel very sad and we lose our self – esteem. Imagine how hard it is to live with a person that rejects everything you are going to do or everything you are. Another planet that may sometimes create similar problems is Pluto and that’s because plutonian persons need terribly to feel very intense things in their lives. A mediocre relationship or a relationship without severe passions is not worth for them.Relationships that may even be destructive for them are much more interesting. By connecting in our natal chart those 3planets and seeing where they are in our houses we will understand exactly in what way we may create problems in our relationships. But this is something we are going to discuss next week.

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