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Waiting for the invitation. The mysteries of failing relations

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Waiting for the invitation. The mysteries of failing relations Empty Waiting for the invitation. The mysteries of failing relations

Post  Christos Archos Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:38 am

People who usually have their Venus in Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Libra and in 7nth, 4th, 12th house usually give a lot from their own emotions to people that is not appropriate.
They misuse their own creative emotions and they create relationships with people that they don't really want them. This usually means that those people stay in reality alone and have relationships that their partners usually make them feel insecure and worthless.
The problem is that those people although they have so much to give, they are giving all their creative energy to people that they do not really care about it. Without having a real understanding of their powers they give selfishly their most creative powers to people that they do not really need them.
What is very important is always to wait for the invitation, sometimes people do not want to have someone to love them or they are not ready for someone to give the other from himself the most precious things of his soul so unselfishly.
The most important is to wait for the invitation. To wait the other to respond to our emotions, if we manage to respect the other needs then we will be truly happy. By pressing our relationship to be with us is not going to solve the problem. A relationship must be build on democratic structures when one asks for the other. When we pressure the others to give our love and we are not ready to face the reality that we are not invited the problems arise.

Especially Venus in Scorpio needs to control the other person and Venus in Pisces and 12th house they think that everyone wants a "Jesus Christ" someone to sacrifice his or herself for them. That is not truth that why we need first to look for the invitation.

We will continue on the second part with some more astrological principles about the subject. Meanwhile if you have a story or something to contribute you are welcome.
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